Discussion in "8051 Discussion Forum" started by    Amit Radha    Sep 30, 2007.
Sun Sep 30 2007, 12:56 PM
Hi to everyone,
Am a novice and have just started learning the 805. I want to start with doing some small projects because plain theory is of no use
I want to start with just doing some small circuit like controlling a small LED. But i have no idea on how to go about. and wat H/W, programmers, assemblers etc are needed i have downloaded something from the download section and wil go thro it. Pls help me out on this so that i can move ahead and learn more.
Sun Sep 30 2007, 01:09 PM
Sure.. we are all here to help you
Which 8051 you are planning to use?
To get started with working on hardware.. i suggest you to get a programmer from the market.. As you are from Bangalore so you can get a programmer from SP road. grab an IC AT89C51 and start making real things..
Whenever you feel any problem.. just post it here.. we are all here all the time
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Mon Oct 01 2007, 11:28 AM
Hey Ajay
Thanks for the prompt reply Had been to SP Rd today to check out the prices of the programmer chip etc. Was quoted 1.4k + tax for the programmer(locally manufactured) n 60 bucks for the chip. Do i have to look for anything specific in the programmer? Cos since am making an investment i wnt it to be useful for the future. Iv read that the newer versions of the 8051 have flash n othe memory IP stacks etc so wil the programmer be compatible with that cos if am not mistaken the pins wil vary right?
For starting i thought i could try out on a simulator. wat do u suggest? Which simulator should i use and where cani find it? I thought i could start with basic circuit lik contolling an LED or somethin. found the ckt after googling it but couldn find any code. wat things should i keep in mind while coding.
Sorry for asking such lame questions, am a beginner and am just learning so really dunno ho to make a headstrat.
Mon Oct 01 2007, 11:37 AM
first of all select a IDE (compiler + GUI.....)
u may find an in build simulator with many of them.. :-)
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Mon Oct 01 2007, 03:01 PM
Hi amit, first of all there is nothing like lame questions or anything.. take everything out of your mind.. and ask whatever you want..
So the thing you have to look for in a programmer is ability to program a no. of ICs. I mean you have to look for maximum support for ICs. How many ICs were supported by the programmer you saw?
and.. also get a bread board.. or make a simple circuit with all the port pins out.. so that you can use connecting cables to connect things here and there.. i will send you a screenshot of my test board
Mon Oct 01 2007, 08:12 PM
hello amit ,ajay,...
I think it would be better for amit to use Atmel AVR UCs otherwise if you want to use 805X UCs I suggest you to use "S" series(like 89S51) which needed only four wire(+1 for ground wire) of your PC's parallel port for programming (called ISP)
if you want I can even find the programmer for you (not the compiler)
if I wrote anything wrong please tel me to know
I'm sorry because of my English
have a good time
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Tue Oct 02 2007, 06:08 AM
you are perfectly alright the thing is.. having a programmer will always be an advantage for you.. as amit is new to microcontrollers so if he happen to burn or lose a controller then its better and easy to get a new 8051 IC which is just 60rs rather to buy a costly ISP chips.
also he can work on designing smaller projects using AT89C2051 also which is even cheaper half the price of AT89C51..
i use both ISP as well as normal 8051 ICs. But i always prefer to use 2051 or C51 ICs because cheaper and easily available in market
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Tue Oct 02 2007, 10:13 AM
Thanks Ajay, Shyam n MT_Design(Wats ur real name??)
Hey I thought IDE stands for Integrated Device Electronics! The Connection of d HDD to d Motherboard! Wts this IDE? Wel am totaly clueless about using microcontrollers. The fact is am learning 8051 as part of curriculum n wanted to start experimenting with it to be able to develop a good proj (I already have an idea n am tryin to implement it by means of mu c) so, I really dont know wat compiler to use etc! al i have is bookish knowledge (that too not yet complete knowledge) from Mazidi n Ayala.
At SP rd i want given much details. I just got 1 dealer who had it (hes the most famos one here- OM Electronics) he dint give any details n said it is compatible for many 8051 ICs though he had only 1 type of the 8051(dont remember the company) Il try looking out for the AT89C2051 as Ajay suggested.
Coming to doing the coding wat do u think i should start with? i was told try doing a basic LED control, n wat assembler/compiler should i use? n btw i stil havent learnt about al the interrupts clock/timers etc of the 8051!
N i also wanted to know wat is better 8051 or the PICs?
Tue Oct 02 2007, 11:41 AM
hi amit, ok.. i want to give you better contacts in SP road..
Aarthi Electronics,
139/6 V.T. Complex,
Sadar Patrappa Road,
Ph. - 22127909

I got my programmer from there also you can ask for ICs.. they are much cheaper than all other.. OM Electronics is jerk! very costly they are...

I just want to say.. look for a programmer which can program maximum number of ICs. Now regarding which compiler to use.. you have two options.. first is.. Keil (2K free version) second is SDCC (free open source).

Regarding PIC and 8051, both ICs are good... its upon u what you wanna work with.. like AVR is king of 8-bit controllers in present time

Ask if you have any more doubts
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Tue Oct 02 2007, 01:46 PM
hi amit.....
if u want to have some(basic) general hand on practice on 8 bit mcus
51 is the best.......
for specific projects (power/pwm/ad-da/wave generation) etc. pics are better , but u have to choose the best pic available...it can get a little confusing at times with so many pics around...
at present AVRs are the best as they come with most of the features of above two mcus... as ajay said..

AVR is king of 8-bit controllers in present time


but once u have interfaced majority of devices (bit wise ) on 51...
u can do it on any controller... :-)

this is purely my view on the topic
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