Discussion in "8051 Discussion Forum" started by    jusal    Sep 26, 2007.
Wed Sep 26 2007, 12:01 AM

can you help me for my project..i am asssigned to make a school project using 8051 microcontroller that links a mobile phone(3310-nokia cellphones) that serves as reciever for this project.

the project will be then use as anti-carnapping device. the engine will be automatically shut off if certain code(text message) will be sent to the reciever which is being connected to a microcontoller.

as a graduating student sir, we are required to submit this project before this month of october will end..your help sir will be highly needed for me to graduate this course.thank u alot sir!!! god bless you and your family!!!

Wed Sep 26 2007, 02:46 AM
I think you must go through these files carefully..
Nokia 3310 FBUS Protocol information
Nokia FBUS 2.0 information

Reference links:

Additionally look in the forum carefully you will find discussion regarding nokia 3310 FBUS implementation.
Wed Sep 26 2007, 02:17 PM
if u r in a hurry.....
then believe me u should chnge ur choice of phone......

go for some lg phones .. or any other phone which has serial port access....
then u can directly send sms and read sms using...
1> at+cmgs="<destination>"<CR><message><ctrlZ/esc> to send sms
2>at+cmgr=<msg no.> //to read sms
Wed Sep 26 2007, 03:03 PM
{..............}the text has been repeated in the later post............

[ Edited Wed Sep 26 2007, 03:21 PM ]
Wed Sep 26 2007, 03:13 PM
still if u want to go by the present system.....
the above links would do you loads of good..

but take care nokia 3310 does not allow sms in text mode..........
moreover The FBUS baudrate is 115200bps,does not respond at lower baudrate like 9600bps....
so how are u going to generate 115200 using 51..
?? little tricky there

@ajay i dont see the future of fbus if u think there is some ...then i can have a library written for it for 8051
Wed Sep 26 2007, 03:17 PM
well there is future of FBUS.. because its becoming the basic protocol which is used to reprogram the mobiles phones which is called flashing. on old phones still MBUS is used for flashing.. but new phones are using FBUS..
Thu Sep 27 2007, 09:25 PM
i have tried to luk for lg phones, sir..but i cant find one sir.. is there another resort where i can make it much easy for me to do some, sir?.. i have look for data cable for 3310 but i dont have yet idea how am i going to start my project, sir!!
please help me sir!!!thank you!!
Thu Sep 27 2007, 10:52 PM
shyam, sir.
i do also have 3210 and data cable to be use..for now,i been a research if could use Miniature 3 V FBUS & M2BUS to V.24 adapter using MAX232 (dual-mode)..please give an advice sir. i really need your guidance...tnx!
Thu Sep 27 2007, 11:11 PM
allow me to clear some doubts in my mind sir, i really need your help sir. aside of source code(main program) to be written in 8051 sir, is there another programming code so that the main program can be use during the operation.say, i send message/code "off" then the main program function respectedly. how are tese things being done sir? tnx!!
god blees us!!

Fri Sep 28 2007, 04:00 AM
i hope you have gone through the websites i posted. They include complete information of what you have to do in your code.

Regarding generation of 115.2K baudrate.. use AT89C52 and make use of timer 2 to generate this baudrate. Its very easy to do that not much tricky.

You can make use of datacable of Nokia 3310. You need to make sure that the DTR signal has to be High and RTS has to be low. If you want to enable FBUS. This is only if you are using a datacable.

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