Discussion in "8051 Discussion Forum" started by    Halley    Aug 3, 2007.
Fri Aug 03 2007, 07:10 AM

I'm working on a microcontroller project using 8051. I used to download program to microcontroller using Xeltec Superpro 280U downloader, but now I can't download anything. Everytime I download a program, the downloader always tell me that there's an error. The data in the chip are different than the data in the buffer. What should I do to fix the problem?

For the replacement, right now I am using Mohammad Asim Khan's ISP programmer. The problem is that I can't program EEPROM with this downloader. Do You know how to program EEPROM using this downloader?

Thank you.
Fri Aug 03 2007, 10:05 AM
well first of all welcome to the Rickey's World
i need little details regarding your programmer and other things..
1. Is the programmer connected with LPT port?
2. Is your programmer connected to the PC properly?
3. Are you able to get correct signature bytes from the IC?
4. Is your 8051 IC getting programmed with Mohammad Asim Khan's ISP programmer?

Please answer me the above questions so i can think of the problem in a better way.
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Mon Aug 06 2007, 09:45 AM
Sorry for the late reply.

1. I'm sorry i don't know what LPT port is. Can you explain a little about LPT port?
2.Yes, it is connected properly. It connected to PC with USB.
3.Yes my programmer can detect if I put in the wrong microcontroller.
4.Fortunately yes. I can do my programming with Mohammad Asim Khan's ISP programmer, it work really well. The downside is that this programmer can only program several types of microcontroller.

Thanx for your answer and I'm really2 sorry if my question is so simple because I'm new in 8051.
Mon Aug 06 2007, 11:24 AM
i checked the device supported by Xeltek Superpro 280U downloader

it is mentioned that for ISP ICs you need "ISP Header 01"

are you having the adapter already? and can you tell me the IC you are programming with this programmer?

And you need not be sorry for anything.. because some questions sounds simple or silly but sometimes they have good things to learn in them and not everyone is perfect. Even you might think that i am asking you silly questions.. like above.. Doubt is a doubt doesn't matter big or small
Tue Aug 07 2007, 03:50 AM
I don't know what adapter did you mean?
The programmer already has an IC socket, so I just have to insert IC to that socket and start programming the IC.
The programmer was working just fine (without any additional adapter) until a few days ago.

I'm using AT89C51, AT89S51, AT89S52 and AT28C64(EEPROM).

On the day the programmer started to not working properly, I inserted an IC incorrectly. Could that be the cause of my programmer malfunction?
Tue Aug 07 2007, 11:11 AM
as you are saying that you inserted the IC incorrectly.. try inserting another IC if it is programming it. then something might be wrong with the IC then not the programmer.
but if it is not programming it, then you must contact the company Xeltek, telling your problem. [hide]Don't tell them that you have inserted the IC incorrect way.. because that might cause a problem to you.[hide]
On their website they have live assistance. you chat with a customer care representative about your problem and ask him what you can possibly do about it. here is there link to their support page Xeltek Support

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