News Item: New project coming soon!
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Posted by ajay_bhargav
Thu Mar 15 2007, 10:02 PM

Good news for all students!

Soon i am going to put a new project on the website.
Home automation over internet using webserver

Java Developer: Shruthi Alekha S, Ajay Bhargav

Project is still under progress. It has a stand alone webserver written in java.. hardcoded to control 4 switching appliances, 2 speed control or dimmer aplliance and to read a temprature of the room.
Home automation over internet using webserver

To read more about the project click on the link below

Software is almost finished you can see the screen shot here...
i hope you all are waiting for this project to come online
Home Automation over Internet - using webserver

Full view of the image can be seen here..
Home Automation Over Internet using Webserver

you can post comments and views on this project in the forum.

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