Discussion in "Project Help" started by    cenadius    Aug 19, 2007.
Sun Aug 19 2007, 03:20 PM
Can some1 teach me ho to do this hardware?what code should i write for this hardware?
This assignment as mention in the title,we need have the function as below:

-The system has 2 modes of operation: manual and automatic.
-In manual mode, a user may control the speed of the fan (either off, low or high speed) via push buttons.
-In automatic mode, the microcontroller controls the speed of the fan depending on the ambient temperature:
Off Temperature < 30ºC
Low speed30ºC Temperature < 40ºC
High speedTemperature 40ºC
-Regardless of the mode of operation, the ambient temperature is always shown on a dual-digit seven-segment display modules.ion
and what additional function can i add for this fan?I am very weak in doing this type of project...
Hope some1 can help me and thanks for helping
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Sun Aug 19 2007, 08:55 PM
hi cenadius,
welcome to rickey's world
talking about your assignment.. first of all.. decide which hardware to use.. i mean.. the temperature sensor, fan interfacing technique..

only after that.. writing a program for that hardware can be done. Also which language you want to use? C or Assembly?
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Mon Aug 20 2007, 12:54 AM
Hi Ajay,thanks you first for trying to help me.
i only allowed to use assembly language to do this project and i will attach the part list to be use for you.Hope u can teach me how to do after see the electronic part that i will use in doing this project.Can i know what is fan interfacing tehniques means?sorry, i really very weak in this subject,so many term that i not understand.

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Mon Aug 20 2007, 06:29 AM
hey cenadius since u r using dc fan... so its a very easy task.what u have to do is analog to digital conversion and then pwm according to temperature from lm35.in c language its very simple task
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Mon Aug 20 2007, 10:39 AM
As said by abbas, the controlling DC fan can be done through a PWM on a pin. and reading LM35 is easy with the help of ADC. All you need to do is the calibration of temperature with the ADC o/p.
you can start building your schematic. Just try it once
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Mon Aug 20 2007, 12:14 PM
Can i know what is PWM mean? :-s
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Mon Aug 20 2007, 12:45 PM
PWM is Pulse width modulation.. it helps you to control the output voltage by varying the width of a square wave pulse..

A Brief Description:

|¯¯|__|¯¯|__|¯¯|__ --->
 A square wave


Ttotal = ton+toff

Duty cycle d = Ton/Ttotal

if Vin is the input voltage and Vo is the o/p voltage.. then

Vo = d x Vin
where d is the duty cycle..
now if we vary the duty cycle we can control the o/p voltage
e.g. d = 0, then Vo = 0 -- o/p is zero
and if d = 1, then Vo = Vin -- o/p equals input
Now the value of d can never be greater than 1.
To control d, we need to control the Ton, if we reduce the value of Ton, then d decreases and hence Vo. similarly if Ton increases, d increases and hence Vo increases.

So d is directly proportional to Ton.
Vo is directly proportional to d
hence Vo is directly proportional to Ton

I hope you understood the concept of PWM. :-)

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Tags pulse width modulationPWM8051 PWM code
Wed Aug 22 2007, 01:38 AM
Thanks for ur explanation.This is the schematic that we need to use.Pls help me see got any problem?if i wan add other thing such as buzzer,how to add?Can u teach me how to write the code by using asembly langugae for this assignment?thx

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Wed Aug 22 2007, 11:14 AM
as the schematic is ready.. so you can start programming one by one.. which one you want to go first? write programs in small modules... and then combine them later on.
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Thu Aug 23 2007, 04:55 PM
-The system has 2 modes of operation: manual and automatic.How to write the code for this function?teach me pls

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